Young nude celebrate U23 Vietnam victory outrage

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The image of the girl innocently dressed in the middle of the street celebrate the victory of Vietnam team was fierce criticism.

gai tre khoa than an mung u23 viet nam chien thang gay phan no hinh anh 1

 Fans were happy when U23 Vietnam won

Fans had a great night when U23 Vietnam made history, won the ticket to the U23 Asian Cup semi-finals. Millions of hearts turn to the screen, nervous to watch each shootout and scream to the neck when the players won the game. Because there are so many emotions, the way of celebrating the fans is special. Adults, children, young men and women came to the streets in lively atmosphere, celebrating the historic battle of Vietnam. That moment, making anyone, whether witnessed directly or through the screen, was moved emotionally.

gai tre khoa than an mung u23 viet nam chien thang gay phan no hinh anh 2

                           On the street appear the image of this reaction

However, there is another type of celebration, so outrageous and ridiculous that thousands of critics comment. It was a group of young girls gathering in the middle of the street and took off the festive food. Clip recorded this scene was widely dispersed night 20/1. On the crowded streets of the fans, a group of cool female cheerleaders gathered in a cheerful group. It would be nothing if one of them did not get off the bus, take off his jumper, reveal the negative image. Not only that, they also innocently play and help each other change the lot.

gai tre khoa than an mung u23 viet nam chien thang gay phan no hinh anh 3

                                         These extremists were heavily criticized

Among the many beautiful images of fans celebrating the U23 Vietnam make history, the images on are considered offensive, ridiculous and fierce criticism. Internet users even go to the personalized Facebook page of the girl undressing to condemn. “Fans have many types and this is the most unprofitable type. Losing the image of true fans, “a nick name commented. “This is called feeding, not celebrating. I’m glad this is the best way to go, “another nickname criticized.

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