Trends in men’s shoes and how to play colors

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Trends in men’s shoes and how to play colors

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Men’s shoes are not just fashion accessories, they are also the words of the gentlemen. Men’s shoe world is no longer pure black, but men’s trend in recent years is the rise of new colors.

Choosing the right color for men’s shoes is not an easy challenge for boys. Trends in men’s shoes in recent years promoted many colors such as light brown, red wine, … Let Menzine introduce you how to play color with the popular men’s shoes.

1. Black

Not only bring elegant elegance for men, black men’s shoes are fashion items indispensable in men’s wardrobe for the classic as well as flexible in combination with various costumes. .

On important occasions, you can pair a black Oxford pair with dark suits such as black, gray or youthful with navy blue. For busy business days, boys can choose a pair of Derby to go with the elegant blazer. A pair of black slacks with chinos will diminish the stiffness of the outfit.


One thing you should not ignore: Black jeans really merge with Chelsea boots or shoes. Martens and absolutely do not mix black men with shorts, you will be silly!


In the world, the handsome Italian men possess a lot of black shoes but usually they are for really big events. Instead, they tend to love the trend of men’s brown shoes because they are elegant, trendy and easy to coordinate with the costumes every day.


Brown men can go with many different colored chinos, so you can choose the color you like.

3. Red wine

Oxblood (red wine) is an interesting color, not as prominent as the bright red color, red wine brings sophistication, elegance, honors the gentleman’s fashion sense. Trendy red men’s shoes mix & match with navy trousers, chinos to jeans. In the daily activities, the red wine slickers will add color to the outfit of men in the outing or dating.


4. Light brown

Dubbed as the color for the summer shoes, tan (light brown, burnt brown) is a soft color in the palette. If you are a young man who likes to be young, comfortable and relaxed, brown boots or brocades are the perfect choice for you.


With the trend of Tan men’s shoes, you can comfortably combine the various shades of jeans and chinos. A pair of simple brown loafers that will fit in shorts will be a perfect suggestion for the summer season.

4. Green

Blue is the color that always brings young, modern beauty for the boys. Except for black suits, a blue southwester suit can come with many suits of different colors. In addition, the trend of men’s shoes in blue is also very suitable for Casual fashion, the speaker shoes will be extremely flexible for many situations: elegant workplace, modern comfort in the outings, appointment Dating.


For the individual guy, the Desert duo or navy blue Chukka boots will bring out the dusty look and playability of the carrier.

5. Sports shoes white

Nothing better suits the different styles with a pair of white sneaker shoes. The most basic color in the palette, whether you wear t-shirts, shirts, sweaters or any style, the “whipping” a pair of white sneaker shoes will always bring a youthful look. , dynamic. Their “cleanliness” and simplicity are also key to making your suit look softer.

Men-Footwear-Sports -shoes -white

Keep in mind a simple rule of material: Raw materials will have a personality and a bit rebellious. Meanwhile, the kind of slippery material will help you look stylish and fashionable. Therefore, the skin, not the canvas or any other material, will provide a polished effect that will help you look more polished in your outfit. In addition, it is a well-balanced and balanced point for the bulky upper layers of clothing.

6. Colorful sports shoes

If you are a young man who enjoys a dynamic sporty lifestyle but is bored with monotonous sneakers, you can break the shade with colorful sneakers.

Men-Footwear-Colorful- sports -shoes

For sneakers designed with many details and colors, so that the costumes do not get cluttered, you choose clothes color monochrome, tone neutral. In addition to bright colors that match well with this style, pastel clothing will give you a more youthful and energetic look.

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