Some advantages and disadvantages of joining

Dropshipping Listia

Since people know how to use a computer to serve life, today I want to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of joining for you to understand.


Listia concept is what?

Shopping Listia is a US site as well as site Ebay is often used to exchange gifts and auction items for those wishing to own. And while there are many people involved in the bidding which time no public auction to bid higher than the last one, the reward shall be his final high bid.

Pros joining shopping site

1, you have the opportunity to learn to communicate in English language and many other languages.

2, you will learn about methods of bidding pricing for each product

3, you can list more items in one day than the Ebay with bidding price is 400 credits free

4, The ship cost you set the option of you.

5, you are participating in an environment that has many interests and is very easy to make friends.

6, This is a prestigious shopping site of the United States, can list more items from Ebay and Alipapa

Disadvantages when joining the auction channel

1/At, mainly for gift business for women, requires you to talk cleverly.

2/You have to spend a lot of time responding to the message to customers, then your store will be badly marked by the user.

3/All transactions used by credit are principal and less used in dollars.

These are the advantages and disadvantages that you should note to Blogger Tung Tieu Thuyet when joining Dropshipping at

Blogger Tung Tieu Thuyet is very happy to share this knowledge for you. Wish you have a full day of work. You meet another day.

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