More than 20,000 people attended the Sam Son Sea Tourism Festival 2018

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More than 20,000 people attended the Sam Son Sea Tourism Festival 2018

More than 20 thousand spectators from all over the country have flocked to Sam Son beach square to attend the Sam Son beach festival 2018 took place on 21/4.

This is the first year Sam Son organized the Sea Tourism Festival after Sam Son became City. Therefore, 2018 Beach Tourism Festival entitled “Desire young city”, conveyed to the audience, visitors a message about a young city full of aspiration and vibrant.

Stage director Le Hai Yen, who also constructs the idea of the script, said that she had thoroughly researched about Sam Son and wished to present at the Festival an image of Sam Son full of youth. With the rapid development, strong but still imbued with the history of thousands of spiritual life and sacred.

Both of which create a special value for Sam Son. Sam Son Tourism Festival has really clearly marked the message.

In the beginning of the program, Sam Son beach festival attracted thousands of spectators to hold their phones continuously with their interactive dance scenes with the legendary 3D mapping technology called “Blue Ocean”.

Director Le Hai Yen dared to use the 3D mapping technology on the outdoor stage for the first time.

In the role of the ocean queen, the dancer puts on her huge skirt and the light of the mapping technology shines on an oceanic blue ocean dress with all kinds of beautiful marine life.

It seems that the ocean has appeared in the audience extremely beautiful when the dancers in the image of giant jellyfish sparkling light appear on the stage.

Ocean dress with light technology.

Director Hai Yen revealed, to complete this item extremely difficult because the queen character must rise from the heart of the stage with a 4m elevation. Ekip had to rehearse in the field for several days in order to fix the actors’ skirts, winds could break down at any time if the technique was not accurate. Finally, the audience was satisfied with the “Blue Ocean” fantasy through this item.

From the image of the vast ocean, Chapter I of the show begins with the story of “sea legend” to tell about a Sam Son in history. The history of the show has been filled with laughter, by the voice of the male singer Tung Duong, with the composition of “Erotic Sam Son” (St. Pham Khanh Bang), a new composition dedicated to the festival.

Singer Tung Duong performed on the show.

From the song, the audience like the beginning of the journey to learn Sam Son with a thousand-year tradition, inherited the values of the land of the Thanh Dynasty. In that pride, in turn, the myths of Sam Son appeared solemnly, sacred with stories passed from generation to generation.

In the singing of the singer Tan Nhan with a song about the legend of the empty island, a combination of choreography and circus art swing mid-air makes the audience dazed. In the midst of the vast ocean, the iconic couple of the hollows fly up like a dream, telling audiences about love, eternity.

Singer Tan Nhan.

Continuing with the story of the empty island, the famous destination of Sam Son, musical theater “The Legend of the Gods of Charcoal” to take viewers flowing along the line of history to find the story of the famous poison God. . With the interaction between 3D graphics and dance music, the musical scene re-creates the story of Dac Chao who protects the children of the sea from the sea monsters, helping the people of Sam Son live peacefully, peacefully in each. how far away from this life. That is also the reason that the Temple is a stop for tourists when coming to Sam Son.

Not only the coastal city with cultural identity, tradition of thousands of years, Sam Son sea also brings lyrical beauty, calm as gentle waves. Chapter 2 of the program – “Love Story of the Sea” has fully engraved poetry, calm it through the love songs about the sea, there is fierce tenderness, and there is the green of happiness through “Story love of the sea “by Tung Duong,” sea aspirations “with the voice of Nguyen Ngoc Anh or” Want to hear the waves “by Duc Tuan performances,” Ru em wave “with MTV group ….

These songs have delighted audiences by the dazzling illustrations of the emperor, invested extremely elaborately creating a romantic image, sweet and also splendid, full of happy colors. blue sea with hundreds of dancers in shaping the green coconut trees, the white snail marsh, the “sponge” dotted, the sea kite brilliant … create a lyrical harmony of the country sea.

The youthfulness of a young city began to explode with the arrival of the bikini show from Viet Hung.

More than 30 beautiful people from all over the country bikinis colorful enough to warm the atmosphere of Sam Son on the night of the festival that everyone sees a summer with sunshine, blue sea has come close.

The famous faces such as Ms. Phan Huy Quyen, runner Le Huynh Thuy Ngan, model Nguyen Le Nam Anh, beautiful flowers, beautiful people … and flexible steps has attracted the attention of crowds. .

A youthful, vibrant atmosphere on the whole of theatrical scene carrying the message of young city aspirations has really appealed to viewers.

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