Legend of the Monkey God Hanuman of India

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Legend of the Monkey God Hanuman of India

Hanuman Spirit is a very famous god and is worshiped throughout India, especially in the village. However, mentioning Hanuman’s name outside India, many may not know. Who is the god of Hanuman and what does this god represent in Indian beliefs?

Monkeys are shaped in many shapes, usually with one end, two arms, and a long tail looped over the head. Monkey monkeys often have monkey faces and a strong, muscular body. Hanuman is an important figure in the epic Ramayana, a devoted, loyal figure.

How are the monkeys born?

According to legend, the Monkey God is the son of Shiva and goddess Parvati. The two gods once decided to transform into monkeys and into the jungle of the Himalayan adventure. Then Parvati brings in Shiva’s blood. Because they are in the form of monkeys so of course when conceived their child will also be a monkey. Unwilling to go against the law of nature, Shiva ordered the wind god Vayu to bring his hen from the womb of Parvati and transplant it into the womb of a monkey named Anjana, praying for a son.

Statue of Hanuman monkey in Orissa, India.

There is another variation on the origin of the Hanuman Monkey. When the protector of Vishnu transformed into a beautiful Mohini, the beauty and charm of Mohini was so impressive that Shiva could not control himself. The god Vayu brought the semen of Shiva and transplanted into the Anjana monkey’s womb. As a result, Anjana gave birth to a special child: Hanuman the Monkey. The birth of monkey gods has two extraordinary traits: the birth of Hanuman who wears a loincloth – this is the early sign of an ascetic life, far removed from sexual desire. In addition, the Hanuman monkey was born with a pair of fine earrings.

The earliest Indian explanation is as follows: At the time of Hanuman’s birth, the Monkey King was Vali – a monkey that was as strong as a rump and had no opponent. When Vali learns that the Anjana monkey who is about to give birth to a baby may be a potential competitor, Vali decides to kill the fetus while still in the womb. He created a launcher made of five metals, gold, silver, copper, iron and tin.

When the mother was sleeping, Vali stabbed it into the mother’s womb. A normal fetus may have died but that is not the fate of the fetus of Shiva.
When the metal object touches Hanuman’s small body, it melts and forms into earrings. Wearing the first battle of the war since its inception, Hanuman the monkey entered the world gloriously.

Super power

Hanuman the monkey is not an ordinary child. Hanuman is very active, energetic, energetic and curious. Hanuman is endowed with extraordinary strength. Once, he mistook the sun as a ripe fruit (monkeys usually like ripe red fruits) and rushed to the sky to try to pick. However, on the way, he sees the dragon Rahu eating the sun and causing the eclipse. Rahu is a worm, Hanuman rushes forward and tries to catch.

Hanuman pursued the sun as a child.

Being kidnapped by the kid, Indra uses a weapon to inflict Hanuman causing him to be injured and fall to the ground. Vayu, who is considered Hanuman’s father along with Shiva, rushes to save him and catch him in the air. The image of his son lying motionless on his hands makes the wind god angry. He blew the canvas and absorbed all the air in the universe so that all those who had hurt Hanuman died breathlessly.Ran away, Rahu hidden in the house of god Indra. The god Indra takes the weapon, riding Airavata’s white elephant and looking for Hanuman to control his actions. The sky was thunder when Indra was angry. However, Hanuman did not tremble. Hanuman also thought the Airavata was a toy and grabbed the elephant’s nose, jumping on his back.

Cosmic panic. No air, life is threatened. The gods realized their foolish actions and went to meet the wind god Vayu begging him to forgive. In order to correct the mistake, they bless Hanuman and power, expecting him to live long, fast and stronger than all, not to be injured by any weapon, fire can not reach people, death must also away.Brahma ends the blessing by giving Hanuman more power than Vayu and Garuda, faster than the strongest wind. Anger, Vayu breathed air back to the universe and Hanuman returned to his parents.

Do not learn

As he grew up, Hanuman wanted to learn and chose the sun god Surya as his teacher. Hanuman said: “He sees everything in the universe and knows everything. Take your child as a student. “I do not have time,” said Surya. I go all day in the sky, and at night I’m too tired to do anything. ”

Monkey image Hanuman.

Hanuman has not given up: “So teach your child when he travels through the sky during the day. I will fly in front of the chariot, facing people from dawn to dusk. Impressed by the enthusiasm and determination of Hanuman, Surya received Hanuman as a student.

So Hanuman flew before the chariot of the sun god, endured the terrible light until Hanuman mastered the four books of knowledge (the Vedas), six systems of Indian philosophy, 64 types of art art and 108 mystic arts. When it came to learning everything, it was time for Hanuman to repay the sun god’s teachings.However, Surya said that watching the students study hard is paying off. Hanuman still wants to give him something to express his gratitude. Surya asked Hanuman to take care of his son, Sugriva, who was a half-brother to Vali, the Monkey King. From there, Hanuman accompanies Sugriva, who later became the Monkey King.

Monkey in the Ramayana epic


The story of the Hanuman Monkey in the Ramayana epic, every Indian knows. These stories encourage the reader to know how to face difficulties and overcome challenges in life.

In the Ramayana, Hanuman was sent to spying in Lanka – the capital of the mighty demon king Ravana. The Ravana king provokes Rama by kidnapping his beautiful wife Sita to provoke a fight. During that time, Hanuman the monkey helped Rama, carrying the message of hope for Sita, leading the monkeys in the battle of Lanka, killing many demons alone.Hanuman was later captured by the enemy and defeated by his power. Hanuman returns to find Rama and his brother Lakshmana captured by the enemy and are about to be witched by Mahiravana. Hanuman sought to trick Mahiravana into sacrificing himself. The intelligence of Hanuman makes Kali admire. Goddess Hanuman kept the doorman. Today, many temples of Kali have the image of a monkey standing guard at the door.

After defeating the demon king Ravana, Prince Rama and his wife Sita became king and queen of Ayodhya. Hanuman was rewarded for his courage but the monkey god only offered to serve Rama. Monkey monkeys are Rama’s favorite general since.

With courage, persistence, strength and dedication, Hanuman is considered the perfect symbol of sacrifice and loyalty. God of Hanuman helps people face their own bad, giving people strength, courage to endure the trials of life.

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