Le Quang Dinh a famous poet of the integrity of the Nguyen


The history of Vietnam with over 4000 years of civilization has produced so many layers of heroic masterpiece. And Le Quang Dinh, a famous poet of the Nguyen dynasty, is such a person.

Le Quang Dinh (born 1759 and died in 1813), himself: Tri Chi, brand: Tan Trai (or Can Trai), Chi Son; is the first literary Nguyen, and is a famous poet in the Son Ho groupĀ in Gia Dinh and Binh Duong communes. He and Trinh Hoai Duc (1765-1825) and Ngo Nhan Tinh (1761-1813) were reclaimed by Gia Dinh Gia Dinh of Gia Dinh ancient land.


Le Quang Dinh is a native of Tien Ngan Village, Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien (now Thua Thien Hue Province). There is also Le Quang church in his hometown of Tien Nung.

Childhood, poor house, father was a small officer died early, so he must follow him to do business in Binh Duong district, Gia Dinh province. Later, he studied with Vo Truong Toan (? -1792), made friends with Ngo Nhan Tinh, Trinh Hoai Duc, and together established “Binh Duong thi commune”.

Intelligent, studious, Le Quang Dinh was a physician, Hoang Duc Thanh married her daughter and dedicated help.

During the Mau Than (1788), when Lord Nguyen Phuc Anh (1762-1820) captured Gia Dinh and opened the examination, he and Trinh Hoai Duc were selected, was appointed academic academy, kept the compilation of books books, then in turn to complete the field (supervision over the opening), East market teaching (teaching Nguyen Phuc Canh)

In 1802, Nguyen Phuc Anh ascended the throne, earning the reign of Gia Long, Le Quang Dinh was appointed Minister of the Army, and then Chief of the Chancellery, together with Le Chinh Lo, Nguyen Gia Cat to the Qing Dynasty (China) for the king.

In 1806, he undertook the compilation of Hoang Viet, the first of ten books, the first of the Nguyens.

In 1810, he served as the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He then worked on population checks, land registration and land allocation.

In the 12th Gia Long year (1813), Le Quang Dinh died due to illness, 53 years old. [3] Later, he was King Tu Duc (in 1847-1883) Hue city.


Le Quang Dinh is a well known poet from the Binh Duong and Son Hoi groups in Gia Dinh.

His compositions include:

1/Whole flower essay: in kanji, a book, including 74 articles, mostly poems, feelings and sorrow. There are a number of compositions in Vietnam, most of which are written in Chinese.
2/Hoang Viet most places: 10 books, enough roads, rivers, mountains, customs, customs from Lang Son to Ha Tien … The book was highly appreciated by the Nguyen dynasty, and became a tool. Lookup primarily for the next geographic works ….
3/Gia Dinh tam gia file: composed of some poems, printed with the poetry of Trinh Hoai Duc and Ngo Nhan Tinh.

Remarks by many of the officials of the same time:

Le Quang Dinh is intelligent, careful, discreet, simple, famous poetry, beautiful writing and talented in painting.

Book of History of Vietnam (Volume 3):

His poetry was used by Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean writers. Fine art and literature are clearly seen through the poetry of the poem. The whole set has only nine great songs, but how much is the poetry and fateful language law (his strength). Quiet poetry in the poetry, liberal, pen poetic, simple, not use the word to cultivate words, but artistic achievements are very clear. The painting school has created his poetry is “heroic epic”.
This poem was written by Le Luong Thuan, the Academy in 1807 and most of the comments are Ngo Thi Vi and Nguyen Du.

Introduce the poem:

Fine knife knife hole:
The wilderness is dull
Knife hole in the wings.
Venus conquest of love,
Measurement of dew.
Spring nymph spring powerless,
Selling naked sex lan.
Denial of knitting rod in front of the pen,
The incompatible pink roses.
Nice picture of the rowing
The beauty of nature has made people crave for food.
The beauty of the paddle is more eye-catching.
Get back like tha light breeze glide positive willow,
The face is cool like the dew point of flowers.
Spring color is a bit sad, very sexy design
The third half, the ball is dim.
Only angry writer painter biased,
Do not bring the craving, jade bouquet that painted for the rosary. [7]


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