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Ngo Nhan Tinh (or Ngô Nhân Tĩnh, 1761 – 1813), Nhu Son himself, Thập Anh; At the same time Ngo Nhan Tinh with Trinh Hoai Duc and Le Quang Dinh were the three great poets who were recited as “Gia Dinh tam gia” in the Binh Duong poetry community, and all three of them are great mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty in history. Vietnam.

Friendly and career:

He is the Minh Huong, were born in Guangdong (China). When the Ming, Qing overthrown, he fled to ancestral Jiading up now, and to the year of the Snake (1761), he was born here.

During his youth, he studied with Mr. Vo Truong Toan village Hoa Hung (family), and the fellow with Le Quang Dinh, Trinh Hoai Duc Ngo Tung Chau and Team Tong-Vien Quang (later Sister Servant of God Giac Lam).

Devoted for the Nguyen

Ngo Nhan Tinh unknown year to help Lord Nguyen Phuc Anh (1762-1820), only know in about the early years of his career building and was ordained Thi toxic Academy.

June lunar year Mau Horse (1798), he served as Friends take tri Infantry, was Lord Nguyen Anh celebrated the commercial ship China to Guangdong to present his credentials to the Qing Dynasty, with the aim of cooperating rated Xishan and detectors news review of king Le Chieu Thong. However to Guangdong, he heard that King Le had lost should return.

In scenes (1800), he followed household prices go rescue Princess Nguyen Quy Nhon.

Year Nham Tuat (1802), Nguyen Phuc Anh throne, take dating as Gia Long, he was named Giap deputy ambassador under Chief Ambassador Trinh Hoai Duc and Deputy Ambassador Hoang Ngoc Uan to China second, to the letter and payer publications Qing style books for Xishan. At the same time, the angel group also interpreted in the pirate Qi is Mac Quang Phu Person, Luong Van Canh, Transportation (the pirates worked with Xishan) assigned to the Qing [3]. After completing the mission, he returned to the holding of old.

Ding Mao years (1807), he was made chief mission figs with Deputy Ambassador Tran citizens to Chendla (Cambodia), brought to the La Bich color printing blankets as Cambodia Nac style monarch.

New Year Hare (1811), Gia Long’s 10th year, he went to do Agreement Tran Nghe An province. He made honest opinion, exemplary, not tolerate greedy, devoted care for the people. When the lives of people in trouble, he feared would defer paying taxes on business, King Gia Long are approved. Also during this time, he and Doc Bui Duong Nghe An Academic Calendar compiled file Ky Phong Tho, Nghe An.

Year Ren Body (1812), he was promoted as a Supreme Administrative Association of Public cum Gia Dinh province and the Doge was ordained almost Tinh Vien.

Year of the Rooster (1813), he and the Doge of Gia Dinh Le Van Duyet (1764-1832) brought more than 13,000 soldiers to escort King Nac Chan Lap Blankets water . That same year, after talks with Siam (Thailand) discuss Chenla, he was the same person accused of a crime tide of corruption, bribes of Chenla and Siam. General Le Van Browse actually bring up things Wudi, King Gia Long did not, leaving, not rebuke nothing but words do not believe that the king intended to use again.

Also from that heart of Ngo Nhan Tinh not depressed yen and also can not confide in their purity. He often lamented: “Drawing more solid legs, who make the injustice brought not proclaim stand? ”. Later in life, he lived in seclusion and lost at home in the winter of that year (1813).

After losing, he was named thụy is angry, and was buried in the village of Chi Hoa, general Venerable Duong, Binh Duong, Binh Tan government, Gia Dinh province (now Ho Chi Minh City). According to literary books Dictionaries (new sets), the Trinh Hoai Duc then have been posthumously vessel for him, but not for the King Gia Long. The first year of Minh Mang (1820), granting the wife considered his grave. Tu Duc to 5th year (1852), his new side into the temple worship of gods in Hue Trung Hung.

Dedication to literature:

Ngo Nhan Tinh was the educated, skilled literature, like reciter. He and two friends are Le Quang Dinh and Trinh Hoai Duc, founder “Binh Duong commune competition” famous for a while.

His work is still:

He cross cultural lines set comprises means 187 texts, themed competition from Beijing and Beijing letter, used as a model for those who take the exam for reference.

UK Cross Road anthologies comprises 81 poems in Chinese characters as time goes porcelain, while a mandarin and the studio with friends.

Unified Geographical balance: composed by Le Quang Dinh, Ngo Nhan Tinh main profit.

Jiading triangle in anthologies: composed some poems, in common with the poetry of the Trinh Hoai Duc and Le Quang Dinh.

History books Vietnam FAQ (Episode 3) said: He is coauthor Hoan Chau secretariat. This is an initiative of Ngo Nhan Tinh when he worked Agreement Nghe An town. Books written by him and leaned epilogue in 1811. The contents of books about landscapes, mountain, river, fairy, customs, characters … the town of Nghe An. This is considered as one of the works of local media Hoan Chau earliest ancient land (ie Nghe today).


Books literary dictionary (the new) reads:

Ngo Nhan Tinh mandarin honest, simple, stern chase those insects, each offering him, expressed the anguish of the people and ask for a tax-deferred, are king for approval. Count him boldly, luminous, spacious, not fawning, thus denigrating or …

Poetry, then:

Poetry by Ngo Nhan Tinh Envoys headache yearning feeling of Vietnam (Graphic Greek things rolling Trai transport ,Mr. triangle cross, triangle period, central hotel that evening, mediastinal Hotel President, Hotels Mid accidental success …). But when returning home, he found himself surprised and just a “guest” on the main strange place “native-born” of his. Especially in the final stage of his life he lived in suspicion of the king and of some people (the pilgrim Korea).

As a god of abandoned as Ngo Nhan Tinh, he could only hide sending feeling on alcohol and Ly tao (Note erotic). Heavily had the confidence of a macho “wanted for the country” but “heart has not come up to the king’s gate”, so he is always compared himself like Qu Yuan, Han Xin (Save Special Korea into gods exist; Dong Tran Tuan Ha Binh Red Bay complex lower secondary cycle).

Laments his poetry, melancholy but not contained resentment, contempt silver. With words of kindness, see the origin of man would undergo in life artist. Verses many concerns that have created huge vibration strength. He’s really good compliment Nguyen Du (1766-1820):

His literary classics or as eight large increase bilateral beauty

Rain hook followed he imbued the entire European car Hoan.

(Tong Ngo Nhu Son capacity Nghe An town).

Quote of the researchers commented Ngoc Lien Ta:

Triangle competed in Jiading, Ngo Nhan Tinh who have confided much concern and also the best poet. He worked as a relation to God which is still the king of distrust, not trust. Why do we not clear, but the last one of his poems, the reader may find in his nature rather melancholy mood pretty heavy.

Lamp half alone, the traveler’s dream just brutal,

Said that hundreds of years increasingly difficult to say …

(Where inn Ha Tien 1)

Ngo Nhan Tinh Minh Huong but is originally, but Vietnam has become his true fatherland … 1802, from Guangdong to Guangxi waterborne, in all of their 30 poems Trinh Hoai Duc, with sentences :

Monkey realms in North, South hearts in water,

Water flows on the South China Sea, west of the moon dives.


Bring water problem newspaper devoted son,

Homesick more silver hair.


Introduce a post: Poetry Ngo Nhan Tinh

Sino-Vietnamese reading:

Dong Tran Tuan Ha Binh Chain magazine lower secondary cycles bay.

Coupon held, papaya industry segments,

No tropical mileague men having sorrow.

National artist foe coated self energy left,

Macho position themselves advise lobe confirmed.

Plates put all your heart reach your goal,

Most of rules implies innocence saved.

The Department of Natural area map Local cash charge,

Any expectation storm easier travel map.


Together the two of you Tran Tuan Ha Binh river boating on the lower chain, have all complicated the bay.

Spiky wind blowing, drifting branches broken water, rather vague adventure scene,

Hooded (by) the hat of the south, but still wearing san melancholy in places of all miles.

Persistent coated officers need as compensation debt,

Macho up yet even think of their own.

Door locks several times king intensive attention, sincerity been unclear to

How phen wale tears fall, something was not done.

Crouching faltered along the way, heaven and earth so that narrow,

How stratagem full stomach, but just know to look for where the sole eye defects, tighten the expectation.

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