Chinese people rejoiced at U23 Vietnam: Miracle football!

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Chinese media continue praised Vietnam U23 trophy in Asian U23 tournament which they are the home country. Not only that, they also took the guys in red to “mirror” and learn!

Consecutive victories of Vietnam U23 teams before the strongest teams for U23 finalists in Asia has caused shock to the Chinese press.While most of the media is indifferent to the happenings of the tournament; even formed a wave of calls “empty stage” after the Chinese team was eliminated from the group stage because they were arbiter squeeze led to defeat Qatar and eliminated, there is still major newspapers write post praised Vietnam U23 victory of the way of the Vietnam football.

U23 Việt Nam, U23 Uzbekistan, HLV Park Hang Seo

Vietnam U23 Asia makes the hat.

“Football Vietnam entered the restaurant and the Four Asian powers, in the future perhaps we really come to Vietnam also did not stay?” – That’s the title of the electronic newspaper The Paper Shanghai after 22/1 days U23 Vietnam to reach the semi-finals. The article analyzes the causes Vietnam football success:

  • First, the Vietnam Football has fertile land: Vietnam spectators on the field Changzhou are the happiest; strength of Vietnam also exceeded predictions of most people, when turn defeats Australia 1-0, draw Syria (first round), type in the quarterfinals Iraq and Qatar are lowered within 4 teams, scripted dramatic disbelief.

  • Second, a strong youth soccer Vietnam is strong … In recent years Vietnam was on his way undaunted. U23 tournament team this time is mostly the players attended the Asian Youth Cup in 2014, had been “slaughtered” the Australian team with the score 5-1. Later on they have lowered the official Chinese ascendancy when the team drew 1-1. This is considered the strongest group of players in youth football in Vietnam.

This arena U23 Asia Trophy semifinals proved their strength. But, the scary thing for us is the young talent Vietnam consecutive titles lake was born without end. At the 2016 Asian Youth in Bahrain,, U19 Vietnam has created history “go out to the world”. With the achievement of top 4 best teams, they were the World Cup 2017 U20 world, and China is not through the group stage floating continents.

Earlier, at the Southeast Asian Youth expanded in 2010, Vietnam U16 team defeated the Chinese team to 2 times.

  • Third, help train young football from Arsenal, was born HAGL Arsenal Soccer School, in addition to the youth football center, now has more students PVF.

The article concludes: Young Vietnam Football has become our opponents can not be underestimated.

“Miracle – Vietnam Qatar won 4-3 on penalties, straight finals U23 Asian Championship” is the title of the newspaper article of the Chinese e-Sohu. The article praised goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung “god manifest courage, employees who break 2 kick on 11m, putting Vietnam in the final.” The Chinese had to admire football hat Vietnam! “.

U23 Việt Nam, U23 Uzbekistan, HLV Park Hang Seo

Warriors of U23 Vietnam wrote fairy tales in European competition

Along with the praise of this, hundreds of people love football from all the local Chinese comment below this article, praising the victory of U23 Vietnam, and compare, criticize, criticize the Chinese team . Can be stated as:

  • The boys played bleed Vietnam, unyielding fight to the end. Truly commendable, worthy of learning Chinese players.

  • Vietnam has made people lose face … Referee Qatar Alibaba help useless. Congratulations Vietnam, you worthy of respect …

  • Vietnam’s U23 team very prime resorts, in adversity still know how to survive, not to find the referee controversy, if not surely intrigue hit another! In this regard the Chinese U23 team to study them. The referee sanctioned injustice is something after the game, the team winning Vietnam know ourselves and win the Qatar team with powerful 12 players on the pitch

  • Use the word “miracle” seems to erase the football really do know the rule of the people

  • Thank the boys Vietnam inflicted slap on the team, newspapers and CFF and all those who make Chinese football.

  • Qatar and China, are not a general markup. Mud was not covered wall !.

– Who have eyes and see if there is no referee, the Qatar sucks, but it makes people indignant that some names, our famous mouth again just flattering high-level Qatari football …

U23 Asia are preparing to enter the final battle to find the champions. History will be named Vietnam and Uzbekistan, we have to wait a few more days. But these days, we can see the air and spread football has strong power connection in the community, the region and the continent.

Only new football do so!

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