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7 reasons why the Rolex watches have “sky”

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7 reasons why the Rolex watches have “sky”


Rolex is a distinctive watch brand. Rolex manufacturers are very quiet and rarely talk about themselves in the media. Outsiders rarely have the opportunity to step into Rolex headquarters.

If you have a rare opportunity to visit the Swiss watchmaking site, you will admire and admire the values they create. More than a watch, the Rolex brand is a private universe – a gathering of respect, admiration, value, and fame.

1. Use expensive and rare steel materials

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Rolex watch lovers will know that the type of steel that they use is completely different and unique. Most watches are made from 316L stainless steel. But the Rolex watches are made from special 940L steel.

This is expensive and requires special tools and techniques to handle. Since 2003, Rolex has changed all of its machinery and production tools to handle 904L steel. Because Rolex itself produces all the details of the watch, this has a huge bearing on the brand. Costs and techniques are so high that no watch brand is ever going to be made in the way of Rolex.

2. Building a separate science laboratory

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It builds professional laboratories with the best equipment. They not only researched the production of watches, but also researched more efficient production techniques such as making lubricants most effective in the production process, observing different metals and materials. Influence on technology and production techniques …

Rolex researchers work to test, find out the problems, how to prevent problems with the watch expensive.

3. Mechanical clock machines are manually assembled and thoroughly tested


Many people think that Rolex uses machines to produce watches. Of course, they use machines to produce parts, but the mechanical parts of the Rolex watch are manually assembled (with the aid of machines). The hands and minds of the technicians who help the details are arranged and assembled in the most accurate way.

And everything is checked carefully. They check the performance and accuracy of the watch in conditions to ensure that all Rolex watches are quality controlled before shipment to the distributors and customers.

4. Rolex has its own gold production plant

All precious metals, such as gold and platinum, are used in the manufacture of watches made from their own factory. They refine the precious metals to make the details in the mechanical apparatus, the decorative details of the watch. At the Rolex’s foundries, 24k gold became 18k gold, white gold, or Rolex’s Everless gold (18k gold without fading).

Because Rolex can control the production of all the details of the watch, they not only guarantee the quality, but also ensure the production of the most beautiful watches. Up to this point, Rolex is the only watchmaker to produce gold in its own internal furnace to create details.

5. Each timepiece takes up to a year to produce

In one ad, Rolex insisted that it took them about a year to produce a unique watch. It’s true. Rolex mills produce about 1 million watches a year, but they do not turn a blind eye. Since it fixes the most basic things of a watch until it is perfected with perfect accuracy, that process takes about a year.

The company is particularly interested in quality and production efficiency. Basically, their primary criteria is to produce the best watches and constantly look for ways to do better. While the timepiece making process of other watchmakers is done by machine, Rolex makes this process completely manual, meticulous and absolutely accurate. It is also a time-consuming process.

6. Rolex itself produces all the details of the watch

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In-house movement is the mechanical mechanism inside the watch. Watchmakers produce complete details of the watch, which is called in-house movement.
Usually some or many of the parts of the watch are purchased by external suppliers. Rolex is one of the few manufacturers to produce all the details of the product. Because it shows the unique, higher quality when the company own design and understand their machine parts. Or simply show the long tradition in the watch industry.

7. The security of the Fort Knox gold warehouse is nothing compared to Rolex

Fort Knox is America’s largest stockpile of gold. Of course, it is designed to withstand any form of attack. But, the security chain used by Rolex is far more thorough. The company even has a James Bond security system set up under the basements. Before reaching the Rolex security room, you have to go through a solid tunnel, security system with fingerprints.

On the desk of the clock assembler there is a security system that requires identification at all times, even if you have fingerprint identification. All components have their own serial number, copied and arranged to the general technician to have the most detailed information about each component at work.

When transporting the details of a watch, Rolex used extremely unusual cars (probably unrecognizable) but with very thick armor. Rolex is extremely serious in security. The reason is that Rolex watches are no different.

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